The Renzi Education and Art Center is an independent non-profit organization. The Sisters of Our Lady of
Sorrows founded the Renzi Center in 1997 for children to have a safe, nurturing, educational, and fun place to go after school in the Shreveport area.
This Lent in response to everything that the Sisters do to help our parish (provide our 1st Communion retreat,
provide assistance during our Vacation Bible School, host our back to school bash) we want to give back. The
Renzi Center provides a Backpack meal program to
provide meals for the children they service on the
weekends. They have partnered with NWLA Food Bank but they still need help.
The next session for the Renzi Center begins April 1st. They need to provide Backpack “meals” for 45 students, 1 day a week for 7 weeks. At the entrance of the church is a backpack shaped card with the list of items they
typically send home. Please take a card and return it by April 1st with the items on the list or a $20 donation. Whatever you can do will be much appreciated.


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