We will begin a new Bible Study this Monday at the 9:00 AM class. A Biblical Walk Through the Mass.

Pope Benedict XVI said, “ Liturgy is the privileged setting in which God speaks to us in the midst of our lives; he speaks today to his people, who hear and respond. Every Liturgical action is by its very nature steeped in sacred Scripture…From Scripture the petitions, prayers, and liturgical hymns receive their   inspiration and substance. From Scripture the liturgical actions and signs draw their meaning.”

This study will take us on a Scriptural tour through the prayers, hymns, and rituals of the liturgy. The more we understand the biblical background to the Kyrie, the  Gloria, and other prayers in the liturgy, the more we will be able to enter into all that we say and do in the Mass.

Please bring your Catholic Bible and join us on this journey to understanding the Mass!

The evening class will continue at it’s normal time



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