The Book of Judges Bible Study

Monday morning/evening Bible Study has begun a new study of Judges. Join us after the 8AM Mass or in the evening at 6PM.

Commentary by Steve Ray – presented by Fr. Mitch Pacwa

If the theme of Joshua is national faithfulness to God, the theme of Judges is the exact opposite. Two verses drive home the point: 1) “The people of Israel did what was evil in the sight of the Lord” (Judges 2:11), and 2) “Every man did what was right in his own eyes” (17:6).

As peace turns to despair and faith into selfishness for the Israelites, we should recall the many times we have turned our own eyes away from God to fulfill selfish desires. In a powerful study of 600+ verses, Steve Ray and Fr. Mitch Pacwa carefully lead you through this distressing book with insight and clarity, urging you to remember that God is always faithful to his promises—and always ready to take us back with open arms.

In 10 well-researched lessons, you will learn:
-How the trials God sends us are always trials of love
-Why the Israelites’ depressing cycle of sin and suffering is familiar and relevant for us
-How the Book of Judges is a masterful blend of history and poetry

Over and over again, the Book of Judges proves that selfishness and faithlessness are simply not worth it. No matter how many times we fall, though, God never changes. Let the tragic example of the Israelites at the time of the Judges remind you: no matter how imperfect we are, God’s grace is a promise that will never be broken.